My name is Mason Baptista and I’m the founder of BapsHockey. I have over 15 years of hockey training experience ranging from beginners to high level collegiate and pro players. BapsHockey is a place where individuals, young and old can advance their hockey skills and hockey IQ.

I was inspired to create BapsHockey because I believe the more well rounded you are as a player the more valuable you will become to your team. As I continue to play professional hockey, I see so many things I wish I would have known when I was younger that would have shorten my learning curve and increased my development as a player. The biggest issue I have noticed is the lack of hockey IQ in players today. The explosive market in skills development has brought the game some extremely talented players from all over the world. But at what price? Like most things in life we move from one extreme to another and finding the balance seems to be increasingly difficult as we move forward. The side effect of skill focused training program is poor hockey IQ. Simply put, players have the top of the line hardware (Skill) but have outdated software (Hockey IQ).

At BapsHockey I work to correct this imbalance with a personalized program that will get you to see the game like you’ve never seen it before. You’ll learn to identify patterns on the ice instinctually, anticipate plays, create passing/shooting lanes and become an offensive threat every time you touch the ice. Finally the time has come to upgrade your software and get your mind to catch up to all that skill you have. Have some hardware issues too? Don’t worry BapsHockey has you covered here. I’ve partnered with one of the best mechanics coaches in the world, Jason Yee, to bring you the very best in skills development too.

At the end of the day, you can rest assured your getting the most cutting edge analysis and statistics that will put you miles ahead of your competition. What I teach isn’t my opinion or subjective but rather evidence based truths that I’ve learned through hundreds of hours of video analysis and breakdowns of NHL games. Everyone has an opinion but as a coach it’s my job to layout the truth and create a plan based on scientific evidence that will improve your game tenfolds.

So, are you ready?

It’s time to get your first shift analyzed and take this next crucial step to take your game to the next level!