Bapshockey’s Mission

“We work to give EVERY player the ability and opportunity to compete, excel, and dominate at the NEXT LEVEL.”

Bapshockey specializes in IQGame Development

Hockey IQ is lacking in today’s game and we want to fix that. BapsHockey IQGame is the solution to this problem. We are paving the way for a new system to develop hockey IQ. We blend the Gretzky system, with the in-game video analysis program, and the principle based learning system to maximize hockey IQ development. Benefits include: a personalized training system to identifies patterns in your game, adjusts your development for deliberate practice, offers real time feedback, and fills the gap to get you to that next level! Check out the video analysis example to the left.

Start by filling out the form below and uploading a video of your hockey shift. We will then contact you via email within the week. (Having trouble getting a video? Ask a parent or friend to use their iPhone and film a minute video of you playing).


First Clip is FREE on us!



How Does it work?

You send me your personal game clips. I will personally breakdown and analysis each one of your clips and give you my honest, insightful feedback that will unlock your full potential. What’s the feedback include? Glad you asked!

  • Personalized Voiceover Analysis

  • Individual PDF Skill Breakdown and Tactic Analysis

  • Practice Plan and Targeted Approach for your Development

  • Access to Private Content like Hockey IQ Bundles and Skill Breakdowns

  • Advanced NHL Statistics and Studies to give you a COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE over everyone else

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